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Vitamin Friends Focus Brain Health PS (Phosphatidylserine) Gummy Supplements – 60 Berry flavored Gummies, Kosher, Allergen Free, Vegan

Focus Supplements
Focus with Sharp PS | Natural Berry Flavor | 60 Pectin Gummies PS is a Natural Nutrient for Body and Mind Vitamin Friends' Focus harnesses Phosphatidylserine (PS), a clinically proven nutrient, to support and improve mind and body performance in children and adults of all ages. PS is a building block of our body's cells. It is responsible for communication between brain cells and helps preserve optimal hormonal balance. Focus harnesses this nutrient to support a variety of mind and body health benefits in people of all ages. For Cognitive Excellence Lipids are a major component of our brains. A full 60% (dry weight) of our brain is made of lipids, and phospholipids are among the most important of them. Compared to other organs, PS is especially prevalent in the brain. For example...